Shine City


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26May '16

Shine City

Shine City is a real estate company based in India, certified by national quality laws and with several projects, mainly residential type, highly recognized in the region. Now, with its new commercial projects for entrepreneurs and various types of companies, the commercial buildings of Shine City seek to position themselves as the most modern, luxurious and comfortable complexes in the country.


All the projects executed by Shine City are of high reputation, be they residential or commercial. However, the latter are famous for their level of detail and architectural beauty. Commercial buildings will embellish the sky and are presented as a mixture of quality and comfort. Extensive facilities and office space, premises for sale, parking and mobility areas will design to make people feel at home. Our commercial buildings will perfect for small and large companies looking for a modern and comfortable place, with spaces for rest and entertainment. The latter support us as a complex of buildings that not only think about the work but also the enjoyment of those who work there.

Shine City commercial buildings set the tone for design and give the country a new look regarding architectural structures for commerce.

The main characteristics of these commercial buildings are:

Shine City commercial buildings present itself as a creator of ideal sites for your real estate investment with an assured return.

It has multiple ongoing and completed projects, Such as;


Blue sky above, green gardens below, fresh air to breathe, what a sunshine glow!
Does it seem a dream to you? No, it is no more a dream now because Shine City has turned this dream into reality with its awfully amazing dreamland in the city of ‘Nawabs’. We have developed an exquisite, ultra-modern township, the Paradise Garden, which is no less than the heaven on the earth. It is a project that perfectly combines nature with the best of modern infrastructure, and one to have peace and incomparable peace. Located at a very accessible location of NH-24 Sitapur Road, this project is surrounded by reputed institutions, hospitals, hotels, banks and well connected with BKT railway station.


Life is very precious and living it happily is an art. A perfect living is very much dependent on where and how you live. In this highly-populated country, it is very difficult to find a peaceful and an environment friendly place to live. So, we have come-up with this project which brings you pleasure and happiness in all aspects. The project perfectly justifies its name, the Paradise Garden as this place leaves you spell-bound with its alluring architectures amidst the beautiful gardens and calmness all around. A pollution-free environment where you can always enjoy a healthy living with your loved ones and feel like you are in the heaven.


Among our so many projects, Paradise Garden is the one that leaves you with no choice other than settling here with your family, not just because of its appealing construction but also the amazing complementary facilities it extends to you. Not to talk of the houses, but we have many more to offer you in this ‘mini paradise’. Here, you will find a complete world for yourself where everything is available for your comfort and convenience. The amenities in the Paradise Garden include:

Commercial Area

We understand your requirements and hence, we have developed an ultra-modern commercial complex where you can start your own business.



The project known for its green garden and natural environment is incorporated with big green park, where you can enjoy your morning and evening walks with fragrance of beautiful flowers and fresh air.



Yoga Centre

A healthy living infrastructure development is our prime motto hence; we have developed Yoga Centre to let everybody enjoy fitness training every morning.




Paradise Garden has an exclusive setup of a well-equipped hospital near you which is best to give you the medical assistance 24*7.



Swimming Pool

Swimming relaxes and refreshes your mind after a tiring day. This stress-buster facility is added in the list of amenities.

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